Interment Rights (a.k.a.Cemetery Lot)

Pardes Shalom Interment Rights

The Board has purchased interment rights to burial lots (commonly called burial plots) in trust for the community, over several years, at the Pardes Shalom Cemetery.

Pardes Shalom Cemetery is located at: 10953 Dufferin Street in Vaughan, Ontario.

The Association has purchased interment rights to lots over the years in Sections J, S, and B.  The few remaining lots that are available to our members are in Section B. When a member buys the right to a burial lot from the Association (commonly referred to as buying a burial plot from the Association) , you pay exactly the same price as the day that the Association purchased the right to that lot.  As prices have risen each time the Association purchased rights over the years, the prices for the rights to each lot will vary depending on when the original rights were purchased.   Currently, the price range of the burial rights the Association has reserved range from (CAN) $1800 to (CAN) $3,600.  This is substantially below the current price of burial rights in Pardes Chaim (Pardes Shalom has no more burial rights for sale), and why the Association has purchased these rights in the past on behalf of its membership.

In order to be eligible to purchase the interment rights to a burial plot from the Association, the member must:

  • be a current member
  • have been a member for a minimum of four years
  • have made a lifetime minimum contribution per interment right to the IJAO Future Fund of (CAN) $2500

Membership and Future Fund contributions are issued tax receipts, in compliance with the rules set out by the CRA.  

Just as with membership, if purchasing a cemetery lot would present an exceptional hardship for a member, the member is encouraged to discuss their needs with the Board member who is responsible for oversight of the interment rights to the burial plots reserved by the Association. 

Cemetery lot sales themselves have no tax benefits nor implications; they are considered a personal expense by the CRA.

No monies from the sale of interment rights (cemetery lots) are for profit; interment rights are sold to members at the cost originally paid by the Association.  These monies simply recover the Association’s initial payment for the interment rights to the cemetery lot.

Cemetery costs not included with purchasing interment rights, such as opening/closing the grave, or headstone related costs, which are paid to the THMP and not to us, are available here.