Shabbat & Weekday Services


As a community, we meet and worship with the traditional melodies and customs of Baghdadi Jewry.

Approximate Service times
Please consult the weekly newsletter for the correct times.  Some times are also listed weekly on the right of this page under “Shabbat”

Join us in the Red Room, downstairs at

The Sephardic Kehila Center

7026 Bathurst Street

Thornhill, Ontario. L4J 8K3

Erev Shabbat
Minha – 1900h
Kabbalat Shabbat/Arvit – 1920h
We begin services by chanting the beautiful Song of Songs, then continue into the final afternoon service of the workweek.  Shifting gears to the first hours of rest, we welcome the Sabbath Queen with devotion and joy, and close with Arvit.

Shabbat Morning
Shaharit – 0845h
Keri’at HaTorah – 1020h
Musaf – 1130h
Kiddush – 1145h
The Shabbat morning service is the highlight of our week.  After Musaf, all are welcome to join the community kiddush.

Seuda Shlisheet
Class – 1930h
Minha & Arvit – 2020h
Sheqia’ah – 2100h
Havdala – 2200h
During Minha we hear a preview of the coming week’s Torah portion. Then we savor the last few hours of Shabbat together, eating, drinking and discussing Torah and other religious subjects.

Weekday Shaharit

Check the weekly newsletter to ensure that weekday Shaharit will be available at the shul.

Normal Schedule
Sundays: 7:30 AM
Mon–Fri: 6:25 AM