Lion of Judah on the Gates of Babylon

Membership in the Iraqi Jewish Association of Ontario includes:

  • High Holiday observances (i.e. High Holiday tickets) in the Baghdadi / Bavel minhag, one of the oldest and we think most lovely traditions (but we are a little biased).  You can read more here.
  • Holiday events, parties, and celebrations throughout the year with a great community
  • Celebration of your families smachot in a warm and caring community
  • Weekly Shabbat services
  • Community events including movie nights and guest speakers
  • Digital services for every member of your extended family

To obtain or renew a membership is a two step process:

Step 1: purchase the appropriate membership

Step 2: update your information with us by filling out this Member Information Form

Step 1: Current Membership

[  or e-transfer to purchase memberships  ]

Step 2: update your information using the Member Information Form