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Giving to the Iraqi Jewish Association of Ontario & Beit Eliahou

Membership dues alone do not support the IJAO; we rely on donations such as yours to support our religious, cultural, and social programming.

The IJAO deeply values the contributions of all who give so generously back to the community, in terms of time, effort and financial support. We want to recognize financial gifts along with the myriad of other kinds of contributions that support our mutual welfare. 

With regard to donations, the weekly newsletter includes recognition of Kiddush sponsorships honouring family simchot (bnai mitzvot, baby naming, Shabbat Hatan, just to name a few), haskarot, and other special occasions.  Donations to the IJAO via the on-line site or by cheque can be recognized, if the donor so chooses, through announcements in the weekly newsletter, with acknowledgement of both the donor and the person(s) being honoured/remembered.

If you would like to honour someone or mark a haskara with a donation, please visit our online donation page or contact

Donate to the IJAO & Beit Eliahou

Our operational costs are met through membership fees, which cover approximately half of our costs, and through donations throughout the year, which cover the other half.   We are thus dependent  largely on the generosity of our members and a few in the broader community.

We strive for fiscal responsibility with all the monies that come in to the association, and use it to provide religious, social, and cultural services throughout the year.  Your support also enables us to embrace our shared value of inclusion by ensuring that membership can be offered to everyone in our community regardless of their financial circumstances.

How To Donate

Donations can be made by cash or cheque written to the Iraqi Jewish Association of Ontario and submitted to the Association’s Treasurer.  Donations can also be made by credit card either online or by telephone.

Funds that Support the Iraqi Jewish Association of Ontario

The IJAO Future Fund

This fund supports inclusion, core committees, programming and other operations of our community and is dispersed at the discretion of the Board. Donations to this fund are used to sustain our annual operating budget, and to continue to provide serviced to our community.  Please consider giving

Monthly Giving

You may consider becoming  a monthly contributor to the Association’s Future Fund, making regular smaller donations.  You can set up an automatically recurring monthly gift through our credit card donation form.  It’s convenient, it’s environmentally friendly, and you can feel great knowing that you are keeping our community strong.

Targeted Donations

Members who want to support a specific project or activity at the IJAO can do so for donations over $100.  Examples of recent targeted donations include repair and maintenance of several of our Sefrai Torah, and the creation of a Yahrzeit Wall.

Planned Giving

More information can be found here.

Restricted Funds

These funds are for discretionary use, and do not directly support the IJAO.  Instead, they are used to support involvement in our greater community, and support activities regarded as significant and in need of our contribution and support.  Our administrative support of these donations, including the issuing of tax receipts, is provided at no cost to the benefiting organizations or communities.  These include:

Social Discretionary Fund: a fund which members of the Board of Directors dispenses to individuals in need or to support activities the Board regards as worthy and in need of our support.

Volunteer Discretionary Fund: a fund which is used by the Board of Directors to support the association’s volunteers in order to facilitate social outreach and the good welfare of our community to offset capital costs and expenditures that can be incurred.

How to Donate

Donations may be made in a variety of convenient ways:

  • online
  • by mail with a cheque made to the Association
  • or in person to any Board of Directors member who will ensure it gets to the Association’s treasurer.

Please ensure that you include the name of anyone you may be honouring with the donation, and the specific fund if you wish your donation to be so directed.

All donations are eligible for a tax receipt. Tax receipts are issued once a calendar year.