From Baghdad to Boston and Beyond”: A Memoir of an Iraqi Jew

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“From Baghdad to Boston and Beyond”: A Memoir of an Iraqi Jew”. Amy Dane co-author of Dr. Jacob Shammash’s story of emigration from Baghdad in 1947, after the Farhud and his amazing success in America.

The book is a true story of love, horror, sadness and joy. reinvention of one man and his family in a new land. Now 90 years old, Jacob B. Shammash put his memories and reflections on paper several years ago, crafting his legacy. His eldest daughter, Amy S. Dane, elaborated on and shaped his story for publication. There had been a vital and thriving Jewish community in Iraq for 2600 years, dating back to the Babylonian captivity in 586 BC. When the author was a young teenager, one-third of the population of Baghdad was Jewish. That community was obliterated through persecution and exodus for survival.

This is a story of immigration. Generally, it will resonate for all Americans across ethnicities since America is a “melting pot.” Specifically, it is a story of Iraqi Jews and Jewish culture – customs, rituals and values. Immigration crises and debates are front and center today both at home and abroad. The book club section encourages readers to share their own immigration history and ethnic traditions and consider the fragility of specific minority communities worldwide.

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